Milldale Archery

Archery is an ancient and well respected sport for all ages and abilities to enjoy. We use  modern wooden Recurve bows and straight bows in the Robin Hood tradition. These are well suited to the size of our range. 

Participants are able to quickly learn to shoot, and gain a degree of proficiency, allowing them to join one of the many local clubs and shoot competitively.  For those with more modest ambitions, the satisfaction gained from shooting an arrow into the gold, has to be experienced to be believed.  Simple games such as popping balloons on the target or simple competitions add excitement to a pleasant evening shooting.

Our recurve bows are ideal for beginners or the more proficient as they can take a simple pin sight.  The Stick type bows add the extra challenge of the traditional Robin hood barebow style.

An evening is sufficient to give around 16 people the basic skills, but why not book for several weeks and bring in the elements of the Scout Master at Arms Activity award.

As demand requires we have arranged training courses for adults to gain permits to run an event.

For booking details please contact the District ADC Activities Rob Cave email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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