Hill Walking

Hill walking is often a put off for many scouts and explorers.  Hills and walking combined can put off the most active.  South West Cheshire is, of course,  not well known for hills and mountains, however there are many areas that can provide challenging walks within Terrain Zero.

Areas such as the Bickerton Hills, Mow Cop and the Cheshire edge and to the south the Maer hills. Further afield parts of the Macclesfield forest, White Nancy, Delamere and The Roaches all offer a variety of environments in Terrain Zero.

There are a number of leaders within the District who hold or have held permits to lead parties in mountainous regions who will be very happy to advise on routes and suitability.

The Scout association operates a permit scheme for leaders wishing to take Scouts and Cubs in to adventurous country.  For more information look up Fact sheets on Permits, Safety, Terrain classifications, route planning and risk assessments.

POR defines Terrain Zero in  Rule 9.28.  briefly :  Below 500 metres and within 30 minutes of a road capable of carrying an ambulance (please check POR and the fact sheets for the precise definition, or talk to one of the permitted leaders for advice.

Cheshire County mountain team run many excellent training courses for hill walking and first aid.  We suggest anyone with an interest in hill walking qualify with the team, as it provides significant skills and knowledge for their own walking as well.  Wainwrights classic list of hills could be the spur to get everyone outdoors or perhaps the lesser known lists of hills classed as relatively high, or county tops.   Wainwright bagging is a real challenge.

The District ADC Activities is Rob Cave email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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